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Our name is inspired by the mighty Zambezi River which originates in Zambia. Dubbed the Rios dos Bon Sinais (River of Good Omen) by Vasco Da Gamma in the 1400’s, the Zambezi river has served as an important conduit for commerce and livelihood in the region for millenia. It is also well known for the Victoria Falls or Mosi-O-Tunya (7th Wonder of World) which forms along the way. This water channel facilitated the exchange of various goods including spices and cuisines through the neighboring countries in which it flows.

It contributes to the rich traditions and cultures of the Bantu (largest indigenous group) which migrated to and further evolved in other regions including East and West Africa.

This diverse but unique combination  of Southern African cuisines, also known as the Rainbow cuisine has been a staple for centuries. It has developed through interactions of indigenous tribes such as the Khoisan who are known to be one of the oldest African human inhabitants.

From times of no refrigeration, natives sought other means to preserve their produce ( meats, vegetables and fruit) with various methods.  These methods included drying or smoking with spices and herbs to enhance flavour and repel insects. This would prevent mold and bacteria by dehydrating the produce while creating a distinct taste profile.

Flavours of this region are characterized by heavy notes of Coriander, hot peppers, Cloves, Paprika, Cayenne, Cumin, Cardamom, Salt and local earthy herbs to name a few. African cuisine is at present-day still a significant component in Caribbean, West Indies, South American and American Soul Food. Comfort foods such as Jambalaya, Gumbo, Feijoada, Jerk, Oxtail were created by African slaves who were deposited along the way with the little that they were given.

Food has always brought a sense of community and togetherness in African tradition though the concept of ‘Ubuntu’ which means humanity in the Bantu languages. We still see this aspect in social and family gatherings during happy and sad times. One of the well known social gatherings is an event called a braai which is essentially a barbecue involving large amounts of seasoned meats, adult beverages and rhythmic music.

Our mission at Zambezi Kitchen is to bring this cultural experience through seasonings that reflect various aspects of an authentic Rainbow cuisine. Our goal is to  honor the rich culinary traditions as well as give our customers the opportunity to experiment with other food styles.

We place top priority on sourcing the highest quality ingredients that allow us to create a versatile product that can be incorporated in different culinary styles. Whether you are grilling, smoking, frying, baking or steaming Zambezi Kitchen has a tantalizing seasoning in store for you. Indulge in our FIRE GHOST, FUNKY JERK, HERB SUPREME, SMOKY SAVAGE and WINTER CHUTNEY and enjoy an culinary African Safari experience.